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Tabletop Equipment Rental

  1. Tabletop items including chinaware, cutlery, glassware and other items (henceforth ‘equipment’) are provided by the Eighth Plate Hire Company Ltd. (henceforth ‘The Eighth Plate’) to the Hirer on a short-term rental basis.

  2. The equipment to be rented along with the period of rental and associated costs and deposit will be defined in a rental agreement (henceforth ‘agreement’) signed by both parties. No items will be delivered without a signed agreement.

  3. Payment for the rental, plus the returnable deposit, must be made before goods are released. Payments should be made by direct transfer The Eighth Plate’s account. Payments by cheque are also accepted however goods will only be released once the funds have cleared in our account.

  4. All equipment delivered to the Hirer remains the property of The Eighth Plate.

  5. Cancellation of a signed rental agreement may be subject to penalty charges as follows:

    • More than seven days before the agreement commencement:                    no charge

    • Between seven and three days before the agreement commencement:     50% of the total rental charge

    • Within 72 hours of the agreement commencement:                                       100% of the total rental charge

  6. Listed prices cover a single 24-hour rental period and are subject to change without prior notice. Rates for longer rental periods are available on request. Final prices and periods for individual rentals are detailed in the rental agreement.

  7. The Eighth Plate endeavours to deliver / collect the correct equipment in the quantities and at the times defined by the Hirer in the rental agreement, however external and uncontrollable circumstances may prevent this. The Eighth Plate assumes no liability whatsoever for any injury or damage to persons or property or loss of profit claimed by the Hirer in respect of any interruptions, delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions or any failure to deliver or from the use of any equipment supplied under hire.


Deliveries & Collections

  1. Equipment will be delivered, in suitable packaging material, to the threshold of the venue specified by the Hirer.

  2. Upon delivery the hirer should count and inspect the equipment and, all being in order, appoint a representative to sign the attached delivery note. By signing the delivery note the hirer agrees that the equipment is received in the correct quantity and in good condition.

  3. The Hirer warrants that the person signing the delivery note is duly authorised to do so on behalf of the hirer and the person signing the delivery note warrants that he/she is duly authorised to sign on behalf of the hirer.

  4. Should the Hirer have any cause for complaint concerning the condition, suitability or performance of the equipment, The Eighth Plate should be notified of the issue immediately. The Eighth Plate will not consider any complaints once the equipment has been used and / or returned.

  5. The hirer assumes full responsibility for the equipment during the period of rental and is liable for any loss or damage. For clarity the rental period commences with the signed delivery note and finishes when the equipment is returned to The Eighth Plate’s premises.

  6. Should it be deemed necessary, the Hirer should insure the equipment against loss or damage, as The Eighth Plate provides no insurance.

  7. Upon completion of the rental, the Hirer is responsible for re-packing the equipment in the original packaging material and returning to the same threshold for collection by The Eighth Plate.

  8. Unless defined in the agreement, it is assumed that deliveries and collections will be to/from a suitable entrance with appropriate, legal vehicle access, directly adjacent to the venue’s threshold. Additional charges may be levied if delivery vehicles are unduly delayed, fined or otherwise impeded while attempting delivery, or if access is not directly adjacent to the venue’s entrance and the equipment needs to be hand carried to the threshold.


Equipment Returns

  1. The Eighth Plate will return the equipment to its warehouse where it will be counted and inspected by an authorised representative. The Hirer will be notified of any missing or damaged equipment within 12-hours.

  2. Drivers collecting the returning equipment are not authorised or equipped to count and check items or return deposits.

  3. The deposit amount less the replacement cost of any damaged or lost equipment, will be returned to the Hirer. Where the deposit is not sufficient to cover the replacement cost the Hirer is liable for the balance.


Equipment Care & Cleaning

  1. All equipment will be delivered clean and ready to use.

  2. The Eighth Plate offers a washing service for all items. This needs to be requested at the time of booking and included in the agreement. Should equipment be returned dirty without the washing service being booked, a supplementary charge equal to 25% of the rental charge will be levied on the Hirer.

  3. Even if the washing service is booked, equipment should be rinsed before being returned. 

  4. Certain items should be washed by hand and not in automated dishwashers. These are highlighted in the agreement. Damage resulting from incorrect washing will be charged at full replacement cost.

  5. Under no circumstances should scourers or other abrasives be used on any equipment. Damage resulting from incorrect washing will be charged at full replacement cost.

  6. Equipment and associated packaging materials are solely intended for use and storage indoors unless specifically indicated otherwise. Should the equipment be used or stored outdoors the Hirer is fully responsible for any resulting damage.

  7. All boxes, cartons and other packaging materials should be returned dry and intact. Replacement changes will be levied for lost or damaged packaging materials.

Terms of Trade

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