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Lehmann Glass 'Oenomust' Universal Wine Glass 42.

Oenomust Wine Glass 42 (set of six)

SKU: GL1-OEN-003
HK$1,130.00 Regular Price
HK$600.00Sale Price
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  • The Lehmann Glass Oenomust is an innovative design that has been approved by world-renown sommelier Gérard Basset

    "The Oenomust is quite simply a genuine flavour enhancer." Gérard Basset.

    The wide bottom bowl allows you to control the rotation of the wine and the rounded, narrower upper part concentrates the aromas. Oenomust glasses enhance all wine tasting moments.

    European-made, lead-free crystal giving a higher levels of clarity and brilliance.

    Dimensions: Ø100mm, 203mm, 420ml

    Box of six.

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