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Riedel Sommeliers Collection

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Riedel is known as 'The Wine Glass Company' for good reason. The brand introduced the concept of matching particular bowl shapes with specific grape varieties to enhance flavours and enjoyment.  The glasses are a striking addition to any table and are proven to enhance enjoyment of the wines being served.

The Riedel Sommeliers collection represents the pinnacle of grape specific wine glasses.  Widely regarded as the premier fine wine glass manufacturer, Riedel offers proven enhancements to the enjoyment of fine wines through matching specific bowl shapes with grape varieties. Why settle for less?

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Riedel logo black.png
Riedel - the ultimate tastemaker

Riedel has been producing glassware since 1756. It revolutionised the world of wine when it became the first company to discover that the shape of a glass affects the aroma and taste of wine.


Since this discovery, Riedel has emerged as the world leader in glassware, and remains the only brand committed to maximising enjoyment of wine and spirits. When you drink from the right Riedel glass, you are enjoying the wine to its maximum potential.

Riedel tasting workshops

Same wine. Different glass. Completely different taste: An exploration of shape


Riedel workshops are a unique, interactive and fun exploration of how the size and shape of a glass, completely changes your experience of wine and spirits. Whether you are considering a small private event or a large corporate one, Riedel tastings are an excellent platform to entertain and engage customers, partners and guests. To learn more, contact us here.

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