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La Tavola 'Yuki' 60pcs cutlery set. Italian-designed, mirror finish stainless steel.


Includes - table knife & fork, starter/dessert knife, fork & spoon, teaspoon, 10 pcs each.

La Tavola 'Yuki' Cutlery Set (60pcs)

SKU: CT2-YUK-136
HK$3,990.00 Regular Price
HK$3,290.00Sale Price
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  • Modern, elegant and playful, Yuki's flowing, slender lines ceate a  focal point on a contemporary tablescape that will delight guests. The design is extremely versatile, moving easily from day to night dining without missing a beat.

    La Tavola is operated by the Sambonet family who have been designing and producing cutlery for 7 generations.  Good taste, sensitivity and above all else, years of trade experience are the hallmarks of the brand. The idea platform to deliver excuisite Italian design.

    Crafted from fine stainless steel with a mirror finish

    Dimensions: Table Knife (235mm), Table Fork (207mm), Starter/Dessert Knife (216mm), Starter/Dessert Fork (190mm), Starter/Dessert Spoon (190mm), Teaspoon (143mm)

    Includes ten pieces of each.

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